Ashland Home Windows From Sheepish Friends

A couple who had recently purchased their first home decided to throw a Labor Day party for their family and friends so they could show off their home and enjoy the holiday together. The couple grilled food on the barbecue, had buckets of ice cold beer, and margaritas to offer their guests. Later they wondered if this had been a good decision because the party got a little bit out of hand. A few of their friends ended up accidentally breaking a window, which they felt very bad about. The friends were horsing around and the window near the front door was broken. They felt so bad they insisted that they would help pay for the window, and they decided to contact the best company for home windows Ashland had to offer, Elite Windows & Siding.

The new homeowners were more concerned if the window could be replaced easily, and the Elite Windows & Siding specialists arrived at the home and assured the couple that we could replace the window perfectly. We measured the window, and made the window with the same style as the original. Our installers arrived, and within an hour the window was successfully replaced. The friends were so happy that Elite Windows provided quick and effective service, because they knew it was their fault the window was broken. The new homeowners said if they ever have to replace home windows they know who to contact in the future, Elite Windows & Siding.