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When you want to sell your home, you want to get the highest price possible, which is possible with replacement windows and doors. Residents in Varina, Virginia residents always turn to Elite Windows & Siding when they are wanting to increase value and add curb appeal to their home because we offer superior services and products that come at an affordable price. We understand that homeowners don’t want to spend a fortune to get the best replacement windows and doors, and this is why we have a wide variety of products that will meet homeowner’s needs. Our professional window installer experts are certified, trained, and experienced, so we can install windows and doors quickly. We thrive on being the best provider of new windows in Varina, Virginia.

Replacement Windows Offered in Varina, Virginia

Varina VA Elite Window SolutionsElite Windows & Siding offers a wide variety of replacement window options, below is a list of our top windows and services:

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Window installation
  • window repair
  • Triple
  • Garden
  • Bay
  • Picture
  • Specialty

We offer several glass options for our customers, which include Endure Insulating Glass, LoE-366 Glass, and LoE-270 Glass. All of our replacement windows come with a 100% Double Lifetime Warranty.

Exterior and Interior Doors Offered in Varina, Virginia

Elite Windows & Siding offers exterior and interior doors, which include:

  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • French Doors

Our exterior and interior doors are energy efficient, secure, and can be purchased in steel or fiberglass. Out Therma-Tru door systems are energy efficient, beautiful, and affordable. We offer custom built products, so customers can have their very own door created and built.

Varina, Virginia

Varina, Virginia was formed in 1634. Varina was named after the Varina Farms, which was a plantation on the James River, owned by John Rolfe. Varina was known as “Aiken’s Landing” during the American Civil War, and was often used for the exchange of Union and Confederate prisoners. There is plenty to see and do in Varina. Visitors and residents enjoy going to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is the most visited botanical garden in Virginia. It is a historic property that has over fifty acres of gardens, in addition to shops and restaurants. There is also a children’s garden that features a tree house, sand and water play area, and an adventure pathway. Children love coming to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden that is open year-round and features beauty at its finest.

The Old City Hall is a must-see for visitors. The Victorian Gothic complex was built in 1894 and has granite walls and beauty. The courtyard features cast iron, which has been restored. The Old City Hall is open Monday through Friday, and is a place that should be visited.

Elite Windows & Siding is Varina’s replacement window and door specialist. We have been dedicated to the community for many years. We understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and we provide that to our customers. If you would like a free consultation, then contact us today.

Varina Window Projects

Varina Window Replaced by the Experts

An elderly Varina woman who was scrubbing around a window one afternoon doing her monthly cleaning accidentally knocked the soap bucket straight through the glass. She was perfectly alright (though a bit shaken) and she decided to call Elite Window Solutions for a replacement window in the Varina home. The Elite Windows & Siding receptionists was very sympathetic with the elderly woman and let her know that our crew members could come out that very afternoon to see what we could do for her. The woman was happy and patiently waited for our arrival.

The Elite Window Solutions crew arrived at her home and she showed them the window that she had accidentally broken. The crew cleaned up the broken glass that was still in the pane, then went outdoors to clean up the glass that was on the ground. The Elite Window Solutions crew was able to work according to her cleanliness standards, then they all enjoyed some of the best lemonade in Virginia thanks to the kindness of the client. The crew replaced the window for the customer that afternoon, because her windows were an average size window that we had in stock. The customer was ecstatic that her window was replaced and fixed and wouldn’t have to worry about any bugs or even prowlers entering her home through the window. The customer loved to talk and our crew didn’t mind, because the lemonade and her sweet personality made her one of the favorite window customers in Varina.

Varina Window Company Installs Garden Window for Local B&B

The owner of a nice little bed and breakfast in Varina just recently built on and expanded a sitting room. The sitting room would provide added space where guests could relax, but the room needed to have a window installed to bring in natural light, and so guests could look out and enjoy the scenery. The bed and breakfast owners decided to call the best window company Varina has to offer, because they had windows replaced by Elite Windows last year. The faithful customer met with the Elite Windows Solutions specialists, and we went over window recommendations for the sitting room. We recommended the garden window, because it would provide added light, it comes in a variety colors, is perfect for new construction and room additions.

The customer agreed to have a garden window installed, because of the added light and benefits that the garden window would supply, and wanted our team to take the measurements to make sure the construction was perfect. The Elite Window Solutions team measured the spot for the window, then we made the window to the customer’s requests. When the garden window was ready we went out to the bed and breakfast and installed it. It was a perfect addition to the sitting room. The customer was pleased on how much light flowed through the window, and that it looked great indoors and outdoors, but the best feature was the window was air tight, and would be energy efficient. The customer finished the sitting room, and contacted Elite Windows Solutions a week ago to let us know that her guests are all flocking to sit in the new addition.

Varina Replacement Vinyl Window Install

Elite Windows received a call from a customer who wanted replacement windows in Varina, Virginia. The customer was inquiring about replacement windows. The customer just purchased a home, but the customer wanted replacement windows installed, before the customer moved into the home. The Elite Windows crew and installers scheduled an appointment at the home, so we could get the measurements, and replacement windows desired, and get this job done immediately for the customer. We met the customer at the home, and the customer showed us all the windows that needed replaced. The installers measured the windows and checked the wood and base to make sure they were in good shape, then we went over window options with the customer. The Elite installers recommended our vinyl replacement windows, because these windows are energy efficient, durable, and strong. The vinyl replacement windows also come with a double lifetime warranty, and we could have them made and installed within a week, which the customer agreed to.

Replacement Vinyl Windows in Varina VA

The vinyl replacement windows were finished ahead of schedule, so we called the customer, so our professional installers could get them installed. The customer was thrilled, and we started the installation that very afternoon. The next afternoon our crew had the windows in place, and ready for the customer to look over and approve the work. The customer was pleased with the replacement windows, and most of all that the Elite Windows team was able to have this done so quickly and affordably, which we thrive on for every customer. Elite Windows is the window specialists that Varina can always count on.