Richmond Restaurant gets New Window Install

Elite Windows received a call from a Chinese restaurant owner. (Click to learn more about our Richmond replacement window services) This man had realized his windows were letting out a lot of heat in the colder months, and wanted to make his dining room more cozy and warm. He found the best window installer Richmond had to offer with Elite Windows. The Elite Windows crew arrived at the Chinese restaurant and agreed that the windows needed to be replaced, and went over several window options with the Chinese restaurant owner. The client selected his windows, and scheduled the window installation for the following week.

The Elite Windows installers arrived at the Chinese restaurant on the day scheduled, and immediately went to work removing the current window, then installing the new windows. In just a few hours the new windows were installed, and the owner was pleased with the quick and responsive window installation. He was overjoyed that he had chosen the best and most qualified window installer Richmond had offered, and now his dining room looks beautiful, and is cozy and warm in the winter months. The owner will start to see a difference in his heating and cooling costs now that his windows are installed, and with the savings he can start thinking about other ways to save. Elite Windows provides high-quality windows for businesses and residents in Richmond, Virginia.

We are the window installers Richmond depends upon for all their window needs.