Linebacker Insulation

LinebackerLinebacker siding insulation provides more than just energy savings- its built-in installation guides line up every piece of siding to ensure the perfect appearance that you’re looking for when installing new siding. Whether you choose fiber cement siding or engineered wood siding for your home, Linebacker siding insulation can make your siding more durable, more beautiful and reduce your utility bills for years to come!

Enhanced Appearance with Linebacker

Plank-style siding products like fiber cement and engineered wood can be difficult to install, requiring frequent measuring, chalk lines and guesswork. Even the best installers can make mistakes, but not when you choose to add Linebacker siding insulation under your new siding!

With Linebacker

Without Linebacker

Linebacker works to improve the appearance of your siding in two ways

Levels the Wall Under Your Siding

You would think solid-plank sidings could span dips and bumps on a wall better than they do. Depending on where you place the nails, the planks can follow the inconsistencies in the wall, making your siding appear wavy and uneven. Linebacker’s thick foam panels level out the wall, providing a consistent, stable base for installation and allowing siding planks to go up smooth and straight.

Provides Guides for Perfect Installation

Unlike flat-foam alternatives, Linebacker sets up the perfect installation for your plank-style sidings by providing a perfect ledge for each plank to stop up against for nailing. These installation guides ensure that every course of siding lines up exactly where it should for a perfect, straight appearance.

Energy Savings

Take a thermal break with Linebacker siding insulation!

Siding insulation can no longer be considered an option or an upgrade. Today’s energy codes and consumer demand are trending towards higher energy efficiency. It’s the perfect time to start thinking “outside the building envelope”. Adding Linebacker siding insulation under your new siding can increase the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your heating and cooling costs year round!

Why should you add insulation
to the outside of your home?

There may be a hidden energy leak in the walls that you don’t even know about, and it’s costing you money every day! The causes of this energy leak are the wooden studs and other framing members in your walls: heat bypasses the insulation in your wall cavity (the pink stuff) and transfers through the studs, allowing energy to essentially leak through your walls. This process is called thermal bridging.

How dramatic is thermal bridging?

Nearly 25% of your home’s wall surface is made up of studs that typically aren’t insulated, so that’s like having one entire wall of your home without any insulation. Energy codes and standards across the country are requiring contractors in most climate zones to install a thermal break between the sheathing and the siding in 2×4 construction. The United States Department of Energy even recommends exterior insulation as part of the solution! “When new siding is to be installed, it’s a good idea to consider adding insulation under new siding.”**

Stop Thermal Bridging and Start Saving Energy with Linebacker!

By adding insulation under your new siding, you can break the thermal bridge across the studs in your wall. Linebacker provides real energy savings by keeping heat where it belongs, inside in the winter and outside in the summer, and money in the bank all year!