Ashland Window Installation Remedies Accidental Damage

Elite Windows & Siding recently received a call from a gardener in Ashland. The gardener was digging up weeds one afternoon and accidentally flung a rock into an old window, completely shattering it. She contacted us because she needed the best Ashland window installation service she could find, and Elite Windows & Siding was that company. The Elite Windows & Siding experts went out and looked over the shattered window.

The window specialists let the woman know that her window was quite outdated and an updated window would provide energy efficiency and look better too. The woman agreed and the team was able to replace the broken window, but also to update the old model with a new, much more secure and functional energy efficient window. This was an added benefit to the customer. She looked over the new window once it was installed and said the window looks so much better. She said she was kind of glad that the old window was broken because now she has a better looking window that would save her money on her energy costs, and all thanks to Elite Windows & Siding. The crew let the customer know that we could assist her in all new windows in her home, which would be beneficial. She said as soon as she could afford it she would be sure to call Elite Windows & Siding for quality window installation Ashland homeowners could depend upon for the best windows.