You can enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding the type of windows that fits best with the style of home you have. Here are some good helpful suggestions.


Be Sure You Showcase Your Home’s Personality Through Your Windows

Each home is unique in style, and windows that work best for one style, may not fit right for another. Keeping true to your home’s style requires you to take into account your location and the era in which your home was built. Understanding your home’s style can help you narrow down your choices.

Contemporary and Modern Homes

These homes often have oversized windows and sleek glass. Contemporary window design is all about proving that less is more. By using large windows to expand your point of view without sacrificing energy efficiency you can create an updated modern, contemporary look for your home.

This style is ever-evolving, meaning contemporary design elements are easy to blend with many other design styles. It is all about balancing boldness and simplicity, bringing a sense of openness to your home. Large picture windows can help you create the feeling of bringing the outside in. Contemporary style homes are very popular today, and still feels fresh thanks to the simplicity of this architectural style.

Traditional Home Windows

Traditional-style homes boast architectural beauty. This style is nothing short of what most of us consider to be traditional. These homes focus on creating a lasting style that is classic and is generally not as trendy as contemporary homes. In order to achieve this look, you need to focus on characteristics from different architectural periods, not focusing too heavily on one specific category.

Windows in traditional homes tend to be simple while focusing on staying neutral in color. Casement windows are a very popular choice in traditional homes because they are easy to use and give you the ability to control airflow. By installing a series of casement windows you can create a classic and functional window design. Traditional homes tend to stick with whites, tans, browns, grays and blacks for both exterior and interior window finishes. You can easily add a touch of character and curb appeal to your traditional family home by customizing your windows with different grill patterns.

Craftsman-Style Windows

Craftsman-style homes originated between 1880 and 1920. This style of the home remains popular today, thanks to the emphasis on natural materials such as wood, stone, and brick. Helping Craftsman-style homes stand out are features such as low roofs and wide, inviting front porches. Window types can vary with a Craftsman home but are generally double-hung and casement windows, or even a combining of these windows plus awning windows. This helps create patterns that are in line with Craftsman’s style.

To stick with the tradition of highlighting your Craftsman-style home choose from the many finishes, including black windows, that we offer.

American Farmhouse-Style Windows

Often seen as classic and comforting, the American Farmhouse style burst on the scene in the mid-1800s, mainly across the midwestern states. Farmhouses vary from house to house, including in size. Some farmhouses are small and simple, like a traditional four-square farmhouse, while others are designed to be more a step up with more room, like many of today’s modern, open concept farmhouses. These houses remain a classic favorite thanks to their open spaces and simplicity.

Traditionally, farmhouse-style homes feature double-hung windows which are taller than they are wide. Early farmhouses saw this window design because it was what was available or what the home builder could afford. Now, however, a popular option for farmhouse-style homes are accent windows near patios and doorways. Elite’s black windows are yet another trendy option that pairs well with this style of home because of the simple lines and striking contrast.

Fine Old World & European-Style Windows

The home-style with the richest history while also brimming with elegance is that of the European-style home. This style is characterized by intricate architectural detailing and is full of romantic elements, which often include custom-shaped windows, shutters, and stone arches. The name of this home’s style is curb appeal — and having the right type of windows will help accentuate that curb appeal.

The right type of windows can make all the difference in your home’s style and curb appeal. Elite is here to guide you through the steps to help you understand which windows work best for your home.

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