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Residents in Ashland, Virginia know that quality replacement windows and doors will keep their home warm in the winter months, and cool in the summer months. Quality windows and doors will increase the value of a home, which is always important for homeowners. When Ashland homeowner’s are ready for replacement windows and doors they depend on Elite Windows & Siding Company. We are a family-owned and operated company that specialize in custom-built new windows and doors. Our professional Ashland window installers are trained and qualified to provide superior service. We thrive on being the best in the industry.

Replacement Windows Offered in Ashland, Virginia

Asland VA Elite Window SolutionsElite Windows & Siding Company offers replacement windows, which include:

Elite Windows & Siding provides a 100% double lifetime warranty on all of our window replacement services. Our installers are certified and licensed, so our customers receive superior service. Our replacement windows will save our customers up to 30% on heating and cooling costs!

Exterior and Interior Doors Offered in Ashland, Virginia

The Elite Windows & Siding Company offers a variety of exterior and interior doors, which include:

      • Entry Doors
      • Sliding Glass Doors
      • French Doors
      • Storm Doors
      • Custom Built Doors

We specialize in providing custom built doors for customers who want a uniquely styled interior or exterior door. Adding a new interior or exterior door to your home is an excellent investment. Our doors are affordable and increase the value of your home. All doors are installed by qualified and certified installers.

Ashland, Virginia

Ashland, Virginia is a small town with a population of 7,225 and is located roughly fifteen miles from Richland. Ashland has a rich heritage. The Ashland Volunteer Fire Company is the oldest all-volunteer fire department station in Virginia, and was formed in 1890. This town is also home to the oldest church in Virginia, which is the Slash Church, which was built in 1729, and is still operating.

Ashland residents refer to their town as, “Center of the Universe,” because it is located in the center of Virginia. Ashland features their very own Farmers Market, which is called, “Buy Fresh, Buy Local.” The Farmers Market is held every Saturday from May through October and have special dates for November and December. Visitors flock to the Farmers Market’s famous Ashland Hanover Tomatoes, baked goods, and locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Visitors can check out the oldest church in Virginia that is still in operation. The Slash Church has history, and is visited by hundreds each year.

Elite Windows & Siding has a rich heritage, too. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been providing superior replacement windows and doors for Ashland, Virginia residents. Our company was built on honesty and integrity, and we pass those values on to our customers. If you want to increase the value of your home, reduce heating and cooling costs, or just want an update, then contact the Elite Windows & Siding Company, today!

Latest Ashland, VA Window Projects

Ashland Window Installation Remedies Accidental Damage

Elite Windows & Siding recently received a call from a gardener in Ashland. The gardener was digging up weeds one afternoon and accidentally flung a rock into an old window, completely shattering it. She contacted us because she needed the best Ashland window installation service she could find, and Elite Windows & Siding was that company. The Elite Windows & Siding experts went out and looked over the shattered window.

The window specialists let the woman know that her window was quite outdated and an updated window would provide energy efficiency and look better too. The woman agreed and the team was able to replace the broken window, but also to update the old model with a new, much more secure and functional energy efficient window. This was an added benefit to the customer. She looked over the new window once it was installed and said the window looks so much better. She said she was kind of glad that the old window was broken because now she has a better looking window that would save her money on her energy costs, and all thanks to Elite Windows & Siding. The crew let the customer know that we could assist her in all new windows in her home, which would be beneficial. She said as soon as she could afford it she would be sure to call Elite Windows & Siding for quality window installation Ashland homeowners could depend upon for the best windows.

Ashland Home Windows From Sheepish Friends

A couple who had recently purchased their first home decided to throw a Labor Day party for their family and friends so they could show off their home and enjoy the holiday together. The couple grilled food on the barbecue, had buckets of ice cold beer, and margaritas to offer their guests. Later they wondered if this had been a good decision because the party got a little bit out of hand. A few of their friends ended up accidentally breaking a window, which they felt very bad about. The friends were horsing around and the window near the front door was broken. They felt so bad they insisted that they would help pay for the window, and they decided to contact the best company for home windows Ashland had to offer, Elite Windows & Siding.

The new homeowners were more concerned if the window could be replaced easily, and the Elite Windows & Siding specialists arrived at the home and assured the couple that we could replace the window perfectly. We measured the window, and made the window with the same style as the original. Our installers arrived, and within an hour the window was successfully replaced. The friends were so happy that Elite Windows provided quick and effective service, because they knew it was their fault the window was broken. The new homeowners said if they ever have to replace home windows they know who to contact in the future, Elite Windows & Siding.

Ashland Window Contractor Provides Excellent Window Replacements and Upgrades

An Ashland homeowner went to Elite Window Solutions for a good deal on window repair. The homeowner wanted to have a few windows replaced in their home, but we discussed replacing all of the windows in their home because of the benefits that it would provide. The homeowner realized why we are the window contractor Ashland residents are always raving about.We at Elite Windows Solutions are the specialists who showed the customer what replacing the windows would provide for him, which included all of the replacement windows to meet all of the 2015 Energy Star requirements. The replacement windows are dual-paned and insulated, and they also offer a weather tight seal, which would lower heating and cooling costs. Every replacement window comes with a lifetime warranty, which pays for itself in the long run. The homeowner was thrilled with all the benefits, and was thankful that all the people at Elite Windows Solutions who helped him were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The homeowner ordered all replacement windows for his home with Elite Windows Solutions.

The Elite Windows Solutions team was able to have custom made replacement windows installed, and when they were ready our qualified and experienced specialists went about their duties. The customer was elated when the windows were in place, and was extremely grateful that the Elite Windows Solutions team took the time to go over the benefits, warranty, and price with him so he could get the best replacement windows for his home. He was in high spirits that he found the windows contractor Ashland homeowners turn to for all replacement windows.

New Windows for Ashland, VA Homeowner

Elite Windows & Siding was called by a homeowner for new home windows in Ashland, Virginia. The homeowner explained that their heating and cooling costs have raised quite a bit over the last few years, and the windows in the home were over twenty years old. Elite Windows & Siding set up a no-obligation consultation with the homeowner. We arrived at the home on time, as scheduled, and the homeowner showed us the windows in the home. The windows were indeed in need of replacement. We noticed that the windows was letting in a lot of air and drafts, and a few of the windows had cracks, so to improve energy costs replacement windows would definitely help this homeowner. We went over options with the customer, and let the customer know that our new windows meet the 2015 Energy Star requirements. The replacement windows would be durable, weather tight, and look great when they were installed.

Replacement windows installed in Ashland VA

The Elite team measured the windows precisely, then let the customer know that as soon as the windows were made we would return to install them with our qualified installers. Within a week we had the customer’s windows ready to install, so we scheduled our visit, then arrived when scheduled. Our installers made sure the wood was in good shape before we put the windows into place. Once we had all of the replacement windows installed we let the customer know that our windows are backed with a 100% double lifetime warranty, so the customer would never have to worry about their windows. The Elite Windows & Siding is the only provider in Ashland, Virginia to give this type of warranty on replacement windows.