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Does heating and cooling your home in Midlothian, Virginia cost you a fortune? Residents in Midlothian can turn to Elite Windows & Siding to cut heating and cooling costs with our replacement windows and doors. (Click to read more on the Midlothian Replacement Window experts -Elite Windows) Our products not only add value and curb appeal to your home, but will save residents money on energy costs. The Elite Windows & Siding installers are certified and licensed, so our customer receive nothing but superior services. We are a family-owned and operated business that understands the importance of saving money on energy costs. We can assist you in replacing your windows and doors.

Replacement Windows Offered in Midlothian, Virginia

Midlothian Elite Window SolutionsElite Windows & Siding Company offers quality and affordable replacement windows in Midlothian, Virginia. We have a variety of styles for windows, below is a list of our popular windows and services:

  • Replacement windows
  • Window Installation
  • Casement Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Sliding Windows
  • Double Slider Windows
  • Single Windows
  • Picture Windows

Elite Windows and Siding offers a double life warranty on all windows. We specialize in custom built windows that are energy efficient.

Exterior and Interior Doors Offered in Midlothian, Virginia

Elite Windows and Siding offers a variety of exterior and interior door products in Midlothian, Virginia. Our door styles include:

  • Sliding Glass
  • Storm
  • French
  • Entry
  • Custom Built

Older doors become weak and fragile over the years, which is an incentive for burglaries to occur. Safety is an excellent reason to consider a replacement door for your home. Adding a new door will increase the curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Elite Windows and Siding offers a variety of options and materials for exterior and interior doors. All doors will be installed by qualified and certified installers who thrive on superior customer service.

Midlothian, Virginia

Midlothian, Virginia is a historic community in Chesterfield County. The town was founded over three hundred years ago and has a population of 35,000. Midlothian started with coal miners in the 1700’s and coal mining ended in the town in the late 1800’s. The town is known for the older homes and history that this community has.

The Mid-Lothian Mines Park is a forty-four acre preserve in Midlothian and is dedicated to the past and present citizens of this community. The park is dedicated to the coal miners who established the town. There is plenty to see in this beautiful park. Visitors can hike, bike ride, see the old coal mines, and enjoy the beauty. Shopping is a great thing to do here. Downtown Midlothian features local merchants that welcome all visitors. You can find unique arts, gifts, dining and more!

Elite Windows & Siding has been a part of this community for many years. We provide Midlothian residents with superior replacement windows and doors. We back our products with an exclusive 100% double lifetime warranty and financing options. Contact Elite Windows & Siding today for a free no-obligation consultation.  We have installed thousands of windows and doors across Virginia.



Our Latest Midlothian Window Projects

Midlothian Replace Windows for Pleasant Natural Lighting

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The Elite Windows Solutions team was contacted by a delivery driver in Midlothian. The delivery driver was not getting enough natural light during the day, which was important to her, because she worked nights. She had boarded up one of her windows after it had be broken by a storm, and she finally gotten around to calling a reliable company for Midlothian replacement windows. She explained to Elite Windows Solutions that since she worked nights she wanted the window replaced to provide the natural lighting that she missed since her window was boarded up and was also very unsightly. She said she would wake up to start her day, but with no light coming in she would be down and depressed. She really wanted to wake up with the sun shining through so she could have a good start to her day.

The Elite Windows Solution team met with the woman at her home in Midlothian and measured the boarded up window. We went over several affordable replacement window options, because we understand that sometimes everyone is on a tight budget. She picked out her replacement window, and we informed her of when we would be out to install it. Our window installers arrived a week later to install the window, and the customer was thrilled when she saw the sunlight beaming through. She was in high spirits that now she could wake up and go about her day while enjoying the sunlight.

New Resident Settles in with Help of Window Contracting in MIdlothian

Recently, Elite Windows received a call from a foreign law professor. The foreign law professor was from the deserts of Egypt, and had never had much use for high quality window glass. The man was new in town, but decided to call Elite Windows because he was looking for the best window contractor Midlothian had to offer. Elite Windows set up an in-home window consultation with the new resident, so our window technicians could look over the windows in his home and discuss his window options. The Elite Window technicians arrived at the distinguished gentleman’s home and looked over the windows. The windows in the home were in bad shape. There were gaps that let air in and out, which caused utility costs to be higher. The Elite Window technicians offered double-pane windows, because of the energy efficiency, durability, and cost affordable for the foreign law professor.

The foreign law professor agreed to the windows, and the following week the Elite Windows crew arrived to install the windows. When the installation was completed, our customer was impressed by the level of craftsmanship easily demonstrated in the Elite Window solutions work. The visitor was happy that he had found the best window contractor Midlothian had to offer with Elite Windows. He understands now the importance of having quality windows installed in his home, because of the thorough explanation that the window specialists at Elite Windows gave to the professor. 

Midlothian VA Replacement Window Installation

We were scheduled at a home to do a new window installation in Midlothian, Virginia for a window replacement project. The homeowner informed us that they were going to be putting their home up for sale, and before they did this they wanted to add curb appeal to the home, so they decided that to do this they should look into replacement windows. The Elite Windows crew arrived at the home, and the homeowner showed us all the windows. On the front of the home was a bay window, then around the home was single hung windows. We measured the windows, then went over replacement window options with the customer, so we could give an exact amount for the project. We recommended the vinyl windows, because they are elegant, durable, and provide an airtight feature. The vinyl windows meet the 2015 Energy Star requirements, so energy costs will be lowered with these type of windows.

Midlothian Replacement windows installed

The customer agreed, and hired us for our window services. Once the windows were ready to be installed we called the customer, then set up a return visit, which we arrived on time to start to work. By the end of the afternoon the Elite installers had successfully installed the replacement windows. One thing we can offer our customers along with great windows is our exclusive double lifetime warranty, which always pleases our customers, because our customers won’t have to worry about replacing their windows for the life that they spend in that home.