Chesterfield County Window Company Helps Show Off Treats

A local and popular baker in Chesterfield had recently hired another talented pastry specialist to assist him in all the extra orders that had been coming in lately. The baker wanted to be able to show off their expanded capabilities with new windows, so they called the best window company in Chesterfield, Elite Windows & Siding. The Elite Windows & Siding designers met with the customer to go over window options. Once he selected his windows, we measured the windows, then we sent the measurements off to have them custom built.

The Elite Windows & Siding technicians arrived at the bakery and installed the new windows. They were an exact match and fit, and now customer driving and passing by could look inside the bakery and see all the delicious treats that the two bakers had created. The customer was overjoyed with the new windows on the store front and the front door. He contacted us two weeks later to let us know that business had never been better. He said that he was ecstatic that he contacted Elite Windows & Siding, because we are the window company Chesterfield customers could really enjoy, because now we could showcase our cakes and pastries each day, and we are receiving new customer’s now, because they are able to see what we have baked each day due to our new windows. Elite Windows & Siding provides energy efficient windows that are backed with a lifetime warranty.