Couple Needs Home Windows in New Kent Residence

A New Kent couple had just purchased a new home that they had been looking at for some time. The couple had extensive remodeling plans due to the husband’s most recent promotion. The first thing the couple did was to call Elite Window Solutions for recommendations on New Kent home windows they could have installed.

The Elite Window Solutions experts met with the New Kent couple to help them choose designs that would fit their needs along with their budget, then they went ahead with a high quality installation that the couple truly was extremely impressed by. The Elite Window Solutions home window installers was able to install all the replacement windows in the home within just a few days. The installing crew made sure each window was securely and precisely fit into place and they looked amazing. The couple came on the final day of the installation and watched as the last window was installed. They couldn’t get over what a drastic transformation that the windows provided for their new home. The windows really added that curb appeal and attraction that they were wanting for the home. The couple is planning on the rest of their remodeling and said that they are thinking about having new siding applied too. We let them know that not only are we the home window experts in New Kent, but we also provided affordable siding as well. The customer’s said they would definitely contact Elite Windows & Siding in the near future.