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Looking for tips and advice for your home? We’ve collected a number of articles to help you find inspiration on everything from this years design trends, to holiday decor, to our favorite exterior color combinations.. With articles focusing on specific rooms, home styles, advice from our in-house designers and more, we have information to inspire!

Spring Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows

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Vinyl windows are low maintenance, but with unpredictable weather, they could use a good cleaning from time to time and Spring is the perfect time to get them sparkling!

Window cleaning may sound daunting, but its as easy as Sunday morning, and it will really pay off in the long term. Need some tips for how to clean vinyl window frames and keep them looking as clean…Elite Windows and Doors is here to help!


1- Start by creating a simple cleaning solution by mixing 1-1/2 cups of distilled white vinegar with one gallon of warm water. No distilled white vinegar on hand? That’s ok, just mix a teaspoon of mild soap in a gallon of warm water. 

2- Gently rinse the outside of the windows with water to dislodge the any dirt sitting around the edges.

3- Apply the cleaning solution to the glass and frames by using a soft sponge or a lint-free cloth to clean the vinyl windows. 

4- Gently rinse the windows again if you’re using a soapy solution to prevent soap scum, then use a lint-free cloth to gently dry the windows. If you used the vinegar solution, gently dry the windows with a cloth….. Poof!  Curb Appeal!!


1- Start by removing all dirt and debris from the frame, tracks, and screen before deep cleaning those windows. One tip: your vacuum comes in extremely handy to remove soil and dirt from the window. When it comes to cleaning vinyl window tracks, cleaning wipes work very well for getting into those hard-to-reach corners. Run wipes up and down along the tracks to wipe away the dust and dirt. 

2-  The same cleaning solution used to clean the exterior, is also effective inside of the window. Cleaning vinyl window frames inside your home is a pretty straightforward task. Simply apply your cleaning solution to the window frame. It is best to work from the top to the bottom. Doing this means you will not accidentally drip on areas you’ve already cleaned. 

3- With a little bit of elbow grease, you can remove dirt and debris from the window without damaging the frames. If you happen encounter a stubborn stain, gently scrub the area with a soft-bristled cleaning brush.

4- Using a squeegee will remove the cleaning solution without leaving streaks on the window, however, a lint-free cloth will also work to help clean and dry the interior of the window frame. Avoid using paper towels as they will leave particles on your glass.

If you are cleaning on a sunny day, you may notice the window cleaner starts to dry faster than you can finish the job. One good cleaning tips is to try to work on an overcast day when you will not be fighting early drying.

If your windows look dirty even after you have cleaned them, it may be time to replace your vinyl windows. Elite Windows and Doors has a large selection of high-quality vinyl windows. You can browse our website for design ideas or reach out to get a free estimate for replacement windows for your home.

Preparing For Your Window Installation: What You Need to Know


You’ve had your initial consultation an Elite salesperson, and you have decided to your purchase your replacement windows from Elite Windows and Doors. We are so thankful you chose us to help with your home improvement project. We don’t take that decision lightly, and we will strive to provide you the best possible experience from beginning to end. We understand that home improvement projects are a stressful time. We also understand your upcoming installation might seem daunting. To make the process easier, let us explain the next steps you’ll need to take.


Once you have decided on the windows for your home, a technician will come to your home and measure each opening. Each of our windows is meticulously measured to guarantee a tight seal. Once your windows have been measured, we’ll send the measurements to our ordering team to begin production.

Window Production:

After your windows have been ordered, our team will begin to manufacture your order. All Elite windows are custom-made. Once your windows order is complete, our team will contact you to schedule your installation day. 



Once your installation date is set, it is important that you prepare the area around your windows to create a clear workspace for our installers. This includes moving all furniture from the area and removing all valuables and decor. We also ask that you remove all blinds, drapes, and window coverings from your windows. 

Installation Process

Each of our installers is specially trained in window installation. Because of this, Elite can guarantee your windows will be installed correctly the first time. Our installers will remove windows from their frames and then install the replacement. Please know that here at Elite, we use the highest-quality materials to keep your windows protected for years to come.

Our attention-to-detail sets us apart from other window companies, and we will be sure to treat your home as if it were our own. Your window frames and sashes will also be cleaned once installed. 

Multi-Product Installation

We’re proud to offer replacement vinyl siding and doors to meet all your home improvement needs. If you’re having multiple products installed, our installers will work in a specific order to ensure your project is done correctly. Windows wil be installed first, followed by doors. Siding will be installed last to avoid issues with your windows. This may require a multi-day installation depending on the size of your project.


Now that your installation is finished, you can sit back and enjoy your windows! Do not hesitate to contact your Elite salesperson if any issues arise or if you have any additional questions.

Thank you again for choosing Elite Windows and Doors!

Front Door Color Ideas to Add Personality to Your Outdoor Area


Your front door is the first impression that people see when they look at your home. Shouldn’t it say something about you? There are a variety of front door color ideas to choose from now, so make sure your home speaks about YOU . Whether you’re looking for “big and bold” or “subtle and sophisticated,” there’s a color out there that will fit your home.


1. Neutrals as a Front Door 

When choosing front door colors, a soft dove gray always makes for a sophisticated choice. This classic paint color goes well with white house siding. It’s a great choice for older homes with an understated style footprint. 


2. Springtime Sun Yellow Color

A soft, yellow door will always welcome guests in a cheery fashion. Yellow doors brighten up any exterior paint. By choosing a yellow door, you let guests and others know that you are full of fun and have a lively decorating style. Accenting your yellow door with matching flowers, a doormat, and a wreath tops off the style.


3. Bold and Beautiful Blue Door

One of the standout front door colors is that of vivid royal blue. This beautiful, deep blue color is not only calming, but goes with most house colors very nicely. A timeless color choice, Royal blue is one that will wear well and look great with accents from all seasons. Hanging a wreath with blue accents will pull this look together.


4. The Mark of Royalty, a Purple Door

An elegant color choice is that of bold purple. Rich shades like purple will draw people’s eyes to your door and will make an exciting visual aesthetic to your home. Purple shades add a warm look. To make your home stand out, choose a door with architectural features. Decorate with contrasting flowers for each season.


5. Pretty in Pink

Looking for a whimsical front door color?  Pink is the perfect choice. It will brighten up the any brick exterior walls. With pink as a front door color. Your decorating options are limitless when you choose pink. This shade goes beautifully with many different types of flowers. 


7. A dose of Vitamin-Sea

Turquoise blue is an exciting hue that will conjure up thoughts of the beach to your home. It is unique without being obnoxious. A contrasting wreath in fall colors brings out the elegance of this color. Lush greenery around the door is another way naturally accent your home.


8. Go Green

Another whimsical look is bright spring green. Having a bright colored door gives a fun and whimsical look to your home. A bright green door looks best with more restrained decorations. 


9. Orange you glad you went with this color

Orange will make a splash on this bold and exciting front door. It will warm up the front of your house and create a new and fresh look for your home. Flowers with hints of orange will pair well with this door color.


10. Beautiful Wood Front Door

A burled finish makes this door stand out as a bold choice. The wood texture is exciting and unique. The warm neutral wood tone will go nicely with any sort of front porch décor. 

11. Gorgeous Red Door

Although red is tailor made for holiday decorations, it is a great choice of front door color for all seasons. This red door contrasts with the muted gray of the house. Architectural features make the door look more striking. 


12. Never Go Wrong with a Black Door

Just like a little black dress, you can never go wrong with a glossy black door. They are a classy addition to any home. The shiny black paint contrasts nicely with the pale neutral siding. Finish the door with brushed silver hardware. The decorating possibilities are endless with this color door. 

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