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Our upscale Slide & Stack patio doors dramatically change the appearance of your home and are designed to offer quality that will last a lifetime.

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Easy access to the outdoors

Celesta Slide & Stack Doors

  • Designed to fill large openings and open up the room to outdoor
  • Ability to stack three panels on each side (OXXXXO) or on the left or fight side (OXX/XXO)
  • Offers more clear opening in three-panel configuration than a classic patio door
  • Allows for 1″-thick double or triple glazing glass
  • All vertical rails are reinforced with extra reinforcement in the meeting rail
  • Designed with a double roller track to optimize two-thirds opening


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Features & Specs

Adjustable Polycarbonate Wheels

  • Steel wheels leave unsightly black marks and will damage the guiderails over time.
  • Polycarbonate wheels are easy on the rails, making the patio door easy to open throughout its entire lifespan. That’s win-win!
  • Adjustable wheels are essential to ensuring optimal sliding once the door is installed.

Strong Aluminum Rating

  • The patio door is the most frequently used access to the home, so strength is crucial.
  • Choose a rail that’s made entirely of aluminum.

Deep Rails

  • The deeper the guide rails, the lower the risk that the sash and screen (on the sides) will warp during high winds.

Peace of Mind & Performance Guarantees

Engineered into every Elite product is unrivalled durability, long term performance, security, and – of course – elegant and stylish design.  High quality materials enable us to have aesthetically pleasing frames without compromising on any form of security. Combining skilled craftsmen with high quality components allows us to offer a ten year warranty on our Modern Door Series

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