Patio doors have a lot more to offer than just a way to head outside. They have a big impact on your home’s safety, comfort, beauty, and value. In the past, patio doors were limited to either traditional doors, which swung open, or simple sliding doors that included one sliding panel and one fixed panel. Now homeowners have many more options when it comes to their patio doors. Here are some excellent choices that offer plenty of flexibility for any design aesthetic.

Folding Doors

Benefits of Folding Doors:

  • Conveniently swing and slide open
  • Panels fold in an accordion-style
  • Allows for plenty of light and air, even when closed
  • A great solution for high traffic areas

Multi-Sliding Doors

Benefits of Multi-Sliding Doors:

  • Doors open on track hardware
  • Made for patios or decks where a room may be an issue
  • Versatile, allowing maximum air and light
  • Can be made to fit any scale-small or large
  • Options include tinted screens, protective glass, and upgraded locking systems

Bi-Fold Glass Walls

Benefits of Bi-Fold Wall Systems:

  • Operate smoothly with the simple push of a finger
  • Panels fold on top of adjacent panels as it opens
  • Allows you to expand your patio area and bring the outside in.


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