Our New Kent Window Installer Helps Save Big Bucks

Elite Windows & Siding was contacted by a couple in New Kent. The couple wanted a complete overhaul on their home after finding out they were losing a boatload of money each year on energy bills. They had new insulation installed, changed their heating and AC system, and finally called an excellent window installer in New Kent, Elite Windows & Siding, which ended up saving them the most money in the long run.

The Elite Window team arrived at the home and looked over the current windows in the home. The windows were not insulated and many of them had leaks around them, which was causing heat and air conditioning to be leaked out. This was one reason their energy costs were so expensive. We went over replacement windows with the homeowners, and they selected their style. The homeowners were impressed that our replacement windows came with a lifetime warranty, and each window had a dual pane, which is what they wanted. Our team measured each window, and the windows were to be custom made for the home. After the windows were ready, our professional installers arrived to install the windows. Each window was an exact fit, and we made sure that each window was sealed properly. Elite Windows & Siding heard from the couple a month later, and they were highly impressed with the lower utility bill that they had just received. They said they were happy that they called the best window installer New Kent homeowners can rely upon.