Slider Windows In Richmond, VA

Often used to brighten a room, slider windows are similar to double-hung, but they open horizontally instead of vertically.

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Are you looking for more daylight in your home? Want easy installation and maintenance? Slider windows can be perfect for your home renovation and Elite Windows and Doors can help.

There are many comparisons to double-hung windows but  sliding windows can be a good solution when you don’t have a lot of vertical height but there is plenty of horizontal space.

Slider windows open by sliding horizontally along the window frame. These windows are often used to frame a view or brighten a room.

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Having more horizontal space allows more natural light to your home and less of an obstructed view like other windows. Here are some features and benefits of why you should choose the double sliding windows.

Features & Benefits
  • A cost-effective choice with fewer moving parts, Elite sliders are one of the most low-maintenance window styles you can choose.
  • Require very little effort to open and close – they aren’t heavy and they glide along the window frame with ease. To use, simply release a latch and slide the window open.
  • Elite Windows sliders have double panes that improve energy efficiency, compared to older single-pane sliders. Designed with interlocking rails and drainage holes that won’t cause the sill to fill with water during a storm.
  • An ideal choice for hard to reach places, our slider windows work well above a kitchen sink or in a bathroom, because they’re easy to slide open.
High Quality Vinyl Windows in Central Virginia
Whether you decided on slider windows or double-hung – or any of the other windows we build and install here in the Central Virginia area – you can count on our quality and performance to last for years. In fact, we’re the only local company that backs its replacement vinyl windows with a 100% lifetime warranty.

If you’re considering replacing the windows on your home, call Elite Windows and Doors. We’ll visit you at your home, present you with excellent window options, and provide a custom quote. In the meantime, see below for more details on the windows we carry.

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