Tuckahoe Window Repair Needed After Wild Night

A Tuckahoe bar owner’s building was vandalized recently by some rowdy people one night, which the bar owner realized was unfortunately part of the cost of doing business sometimes. The damage was fairly minor and mostly a result of some local kids. He called the best company for window repair Tuckahoe had to offer, and Elite Windows & Siding was able to give him a bid over the phone since it was a window they had previously installed.

The Elite Windows & Siding let the bar owner that we could come out in two days to replace the window, and the owner was thrilled with that news because he said he hated the thought of his bar having plywood over the window that was busted out. The Elite Windows & Siding crew arrived at the bar on the day that was scheduled and replaced the window. It took no time at all to have the window replaced and installed. The customer told us how happy he was that Elite Windows & Siding fixed it well and they fixed it fast, which is why he always calls Elite Windows & Siding for any window repair in Tuckahoe. He said you never know when one of your customers will get a bit rowdy and rambunctious and a window may need replaced fast. He said he can count on Elite Windows & Siding for the best window repair and affordable prices. Some of his patrons were sitting at the bar enjoying watching the window repair take place. They asked who was the fast company and the owner said Elite Windows & Siding.