Varina Window Replaced by the Experts

An elderly Varina woman who was scrubbing around a window one afternoon doing her monthly cleaning accidentally knocked the soap bucket straight through the glass. She was perfectly alright (though a bit shaken) and she decided to call Elite Window Solutions for a replacement window in the Varina home. The Elite Windows & Siding receptionists was very sympathetic with the elderly woman and let her know that our crew members could come out that very afternoon to see what we could do for her. The woman was happy and patiently waited for our arrival.

The Elite Window Solutions crew arrived at her home and she showed them the window that she had accidentally broken. The crew cleaned up the broken glass that was still in the pane, then went outdoors to clean up the glass that was on the ground. The Elite Window Solutions crew was able to work according to her cleanliness standards, then they all enjoyed some of the best lemonade in Virginia thanks to the kindness of the client. The crew replaced the window for the customer that afternoon, because her windows were an average size window that we had in stock. The customer was ecstatic that her window was replaced and fixed and wouldn’t have to worry about any bugs or even prowlers entering her home through the window. The customer loved to talk and our crew didn’t mind, because the lemonade and her sweet personality made her one of the favorite window customers in Varina.